Recording unavailable

Hi all,

I’m deploying a Jitsi Meet server with Ubuntu 19.04. The Jitsi server also works with Ubuntu 19.04.
I’m following step-by-step your Youtube videos about the basic installation and how to configure both servers for Jitsi Meet and Jibri.
After following your steps and try to record a test meeting an orange message appears me: Recording unavailable.

Could you help me with this error an try to solve the issue?



Please attach logs from Jicofo and Jibri from when the issue happens.

Hi @bbaldino,

I attach the Jicofo log (specially the time I tried to record a test meeting).
Regarding the Jibri log, where is located? I checked inside /var/log/jitsi/jibri directory and the three different .txt files didn’t have information with today.

jicofo.log (3.3 KB)

If the Jibri logs didn’t have any recent information, that means Jicofo isn’t seeing the Jibris. Grab some Jibri logs after restarting it, maybe it can’t connect to your XMPP server.

XMPP server?
Currently, I have 2 servers installed: Jitsi Meet (following the steps on Youtube video) and Jibri (following the steps published on Youtube).
Do you think I need to install anymore?

In my opinion, I think Jicofo doesn’t see my Jibri server. What more can I do to solve this?

Jitsi Meet installs Prosody, which is an XMPP server.
Look for the Jibri logs in /var/log/jitsi/jibri/ – if you can’t find them there, check the permissions and also check if the services “jibri-icewm”, “jibri-xorg”, “jibri” are running.

Hi all,

I attach some files with the checking that I’ve done in my Jibri server.
Currently, I try to start all related Jibri services but I can’t.


Do you know how can I start Jibri services?


@bbaldino @Yasen_Pramatarov1 do you have news about how to resolve my issue on Jitsi?

First of all, how can I solve the problems with the services “jibri-icewm”, “jibri-xorg” and “jibri”?
Is it related to the ports of my firewall? A mistake on configuration?

In addition, I attach the logs from my Jibri server. Hope can help us!
log.0.txt (180.3 KB) log.1.txt (180.3 KB) log.2.txt (180.3 KB)

Thanks in advance.