Recording Unavailable May 2021


Just wondering why this is happening. It has been like this for at least 3 weeks. Hoping a fix will be forthcoming soonest.

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This is not enough information.

Do you have this issue on Or on your own jitsi instance? Or somewhere else?

Provide all the details so that someone can help.

You might want to go through this one: [TIP] Fastest Way To Get Support In The Forum

Hi, the issue appears when I am on

That is a free service and it may happen that all the recorder instances in your region may be already busy.

Try again now. If it doesn’t work, update here with your location and hope that someone would take a look if all instances are in fact busy in that region.

Hi Prashanth, I have just tried again, and I have the same warning sign coming up.

My location is Sheffield, UK

Many thanks

Having the same issue with streaming. It works more often during the afternoon, so I guess it depends on how many users are streaming.

Edit : this afternoon it worked, I think it really depends on how many people are streaming