Recording unavailable in Jibri

I try times and times installing jitsi/jibri…do the exact steps in installation procedure, every things work well…but when I try record a messages pop up and said recording is unavailable.
I’m sure I use 8 version of java. I do the same in
Jibri’s latest update changed the .json file to /etc/jitsi/jibri/jibri.conf…there is not enough explanation to how fill the file correctly, it just add two ports for external and internal api.
can any one helps to fill .config correctly?
do you have any tips for solve recording problem in Jibri?
(if you want see any log file in advance, please say me ho to extract them for you, i mean explain the commands and path to gain the logs, i do not know how to do it)
…thank you dears :pray:t2: :hibiscus:

There is a doc on migrating config in the repo here.

If you want more help on debugging other problems, you’ll need to include Jicofo and Jibri logs.