Recording Unavailable - AWS

I have setup two servers for - Jitsi and Jibri on AWS EC2 c5.xlarge server.

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

I have successfully setup Jitsi and Jibri following the github link and youtube video from Jitsi. I have verified all the steps thrice and didn’t get any error during installation and configuration.

Jitsi is running perfectly fine. I have setup secure domain in Jitsi.

The only issue I am facing is with Jibri. While pressing the Record button, it’s showing:

Recording Unavailable

I am using all the latest nightly builds

jicofo 1.0-470-1
jitsi-meet 1.0.3763-1
jitsi-meet-prosody 1.0.3414-1
jitsi-meet-web 1.0.3414-1
jitsi-meet-web-config 1.0.3414-1
jitsi-videobridge 1116-1
python3-jinja2 2.8-1ubuntu0.1
jibri 7.8.77-1

Also, I have allowed all ports in AWS Security Group for both servers.

Please help me to resolve the issue.


Attached is the log file of Jibri.

log.1.txt (180.3 KB)

Your jibri instance cannot connect to the xmpp server:

The following addresses failed: '' failed because: exception: connect timed out

How do I connect it then?

I don’t think there is any firewall issue in EC2 Security Group. As I already mentioned, I have opened every port and protocol in both servers.

should I disable the firewall in Ubutnu through ufw in Jitsi server?

The firewall was enabled during Jitsi installation according to the Youtube video.

Yep, it can be local firewall blocking it, disable it and restart jibri.

ok. let me check.

After disabling the firewall in Ubuntu Jitsi server, it’s showing - Preparing to start recording. But after few secs it’s showing Failed to start.

Same issue with Live Streaming.

Is it due the sever capacity?

I am using EC2 c5.xlarge for both servers.

After clicking Record or Live Stream, Jitsi is lagging a bit.

Have you checked jibri logs, why it fails?

Here is the latest log file.

latest_log.1.txt (218.6 KB)

Also, I got this json file from the recording directory in Jitsi.


metadata.txt (84 Bytes)

2019-08-19 12:16:54.870 FINE: [55] org.jitsi.jibri.selenium.pageobjects.CallPage.visit() Visiting url“Jibri”&
2019-08-19 12:17:25.437 SEVERE: [55] org.jitsi.jibri.selenium.pageobjects.CallPage.visit() Timed out waiting for call page to load
2019-08-19 12:17:25.438 INFO: [55] org.jitsi.jibri.selenium.JibriSelenium.onSeleniumStateChange() Transitioning from state Starting up to Error: SESSION Failed to join call

Jibri fails to load the page.

What’s the solution? Why does it fails?

There are no firewall now. Also, the server config is good enough.

Now Jibri is able to connect(unlike previously where it was showing Rec Unavailable as soon as I clicked Rec button) since it’s showing preparing to start recording. But still it fails after few secs.

Any solution?

Why it fails?

That’s what I am looking for. Why does it fails and what is the solution?

Can anything be derived from the log?

After few secs of clicking the Rec button, it’s showing Rec failed.

These are the other log files

log.0.txt (189.6 KB) browser.0.txt (434.2 KB)