Recording To Dropbox

We haven’t used Jitsi Meet for few months.
We no longer stream
But we’d like to record.
What happened to the record to Dropbox option?
Thank you

This is not currently available on Recordings are now done locally and saved to your machine (typically in the ‘Downloads’ folder).

ok thank you @Freddie
how do I record localy

It’s the default option for recording on When you initiate recording during a meeting, you’ll get a pop up with Local Recording pre-selected.

Screen Shot 2023-02-12 at 9.57.54 AM

All you have to do is then click “Start Recording”.

NOTE: Be sure to STOP the recording BEFORE exiting the meeting, otherwise, you’ll lose the recorded file.

Thank you
This is a screenshot from in firefox
you’ll see there is no recording option in the menue

I’m having a problem with screen shots…
but there is no recording on the more menue

For some reason, your screenshot is not loading. But Local Recording is not available in Firefox (browser restriction). Use Chrome (or any Chromium-based browser).