Recording to Dropbox not possible anymore?

Yesterday I tried to record the meeting and save it on dropbox. It worked for the last few months perfectly. Yesterday and also today it doesn´t work anymore. It says: “recording failed to start. Recording failed. Please try again”. What happened? What can I do?

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I just tried now with the same problem?

We are aware of the issue in one of the regions and we are working on fixing it.

Thank you for the report.

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Thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:

I have the same problem. I can’t record.

I see you can’t solve this problem for 4 days already. I started using your service today and immediately got a problem – I can’t start recording. I am in the EU. Should I stay here or should I look for another service? If the problem is solved for 4 days, it’s a very long time!

We are working on the problem and it takes time. Sorry for that.
Mind that the recording on had always been limited in the sense we offer it for free and it is not guaranteed, it may happen there are too many users at the moment and there are no free recorders to be used at the moment.
You can still use for the time being and there is a small subscription fee for it. You can always cancel the subscription before the free period ends and come back to using if you are ok with not always having a recording, because of too many users are using it at the moment.

Thank you, Damian!
Everything is clear now.