Recording to Dropbox lost!

Hi guys, in desperate need of some help!

I just had a meeting with a student who had a really shaky connection and an expert who gave her feedback on her research proposal. I decided to record the session, but my dropbox was full apparently, so it didn’t upload.

Is there any way to retreive this recording? I feel very sorry for my student. She is from abroad and had to travel home and quarantine because of Corona. She worked hard to attend this meeting. It would be such a shame for her to miss out on this feedback. Hope you can help!!!

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@damencho sorry to pull you in this way, but I saw on another forum that you might be of help. Could you perhaps help me out or point me to someone who can? Thanks a lot!

Hello, thanks for taking the time to report this. I’ve tagged and re-categorized this thread.

I can not help you with this issue but this may provide some explanation and help others, perhaps improve the situation :