Recording time and recording file size

Hello, Could someone tell me what the recording time limit is using the tool? I had a 3 hour meeting and saw that it stopped recording alone when the file got 1GB.


Hello and thank you for your question.

The documentation suggested it is (3 hours). However, I just finished one of my training sessions. While I was talking to my students and recording the session, it has stopped suddenly. I checked and the recorded time is 1:00:55 (one hour and 55 seconds). I thought the 2GB of my free Dropbox account is full. I checked the size of the recorded file, it’s 773.9MB so I have no idea why the recording has stopped?!

It might be a bug or it might be the real limit. I hope someone from Jitsi team can enlighten us. only allows recordings/live streams of 1 hour.

Hi and thank you for your quick reply.
Is this mentioned somewhere? any link?

Thank you once again!

Nope, I don’t think it’s documented anywhere.

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This is what I thought. I couldn’t find such information and that’s why I came here. Thank you!

Do you know who can add that to the FAQs?