Recording the meeting

I registered a meeting but the recording stopped after 56mn. The recording is saved on my computer so i don’t need to connect with dropbox.
How can I extend the record time ?

Thanks for your help.

Monitor your computer resources (cpu, ram) while recording.

which is ? memory ram ?
resources good


Is this the recording dialog that you see?
Check the limitation there.


yes it is

i can record for 100mn but it stopped before, that’s why i’m wondering how

Recordings are limited to 1GB on

So it’s not possible to extend the limit ?

No, it’s hard-coded.


Where does the video save itself after stopping the recording?

In my computer.

Does it download automatically?

Yes. but it limited to 1GB. on Jitsi I can record for 100mn, my meeting during around 100mn but i can’t because recordings are limited to 1GB and my record stopped at 59mn…