Recording Stopped (Recording failed to start)

Did you create that directory? Does Jibri have write-access to it?

I did create the directory. Not sure if Jibri has access to it. How can I check if Jibri has access to it ?

Btw I followed the steps at [Setup / Guide] Jitsi Meet Native + Multiple (6) Jibri Docker instances working on the same AWS server

For Installing and running Jibri How much vps resourse required minimum.

Just make sure Jibri owns it:

chown jibri:jibri /config/recordings

Although I’m not sure why you decided your recordings should be stored under the config directory…

At least 4CPUs/8GB RAM to be safe.

Thanks @Freddie for opting to help. I tried the command and it resulted with the error chown: invalid user: ‘jibri:jibri’. With that I also checked if I have jibri user and used the command less /etc/passwd to check and from the result I verified that jibri user doesnt exist on the instance. As I mentioned earlier I’d referred the process at [Setup / Guide] Jitsi Meet Native + Multiple (6) Jibri Docker instances working on the same AWS server and I believe this command prosodyctl register jibri niceAndLongPassword123 was supposed to create the user. Could you guide me how I can investigate the mitigate the issue ?

Also I’m trying to have multiple jibri docker instances running as opposed to single jibri instance.

There is no good reason to have recordings in the config directory and I can change that if you feel that can resolve the issue.

Thank You

TUTORIAL - How to Install the NEW JIBRI

[TUTORIAL] Configuration of the New Jibri (1080p Livestreaming and Recording)

I did this nothing errors comes when I click recording or live stream nothing happens. Means there is no recording done.

Hi, I followed this to install jibri first time nothing errors comes while doing this. But recording is not working and also it is not giving any error.

The best person to help is the author of the post you followed to instal…

I followed this to install

Oh ok. So no docker then, right?
If it is not docker, you might want to describe your setup again…that would provide more info, for helping…

No I have no docker

Ok. Share jibri log file and also jibri.conf file…

where I get log file

Where I locate the log file

Hi team,
I upgrdaed the jitsi-meet version to the new one(2.05963) also my jibri got updated. I have removed the config.json file and configure jibri.conf.But while doing recording recording started but after 10sec recording failed.Please chk my jibri logs.And suggest what to do???log_jibri_0708.txt (18.0 KB)

Check your ffmpeg arguments, looks like you made some changes there.

please tell what is the path and how to chack ffmpeg arguments???