Recording stopped in 15 sec

Help please
Logs below
SEVERE: [19] [session_id=***] JibriSelenium$startRecurringCallStatusChecks$1.invoke#266: Error while running call status checks
org.openqa.selenium.WebDriverException: disconnected: not connected to DevTools
(failed to check if window was closed: disconnected: not connected to DevTools)

WARNING: [32] MucClient.createXMPPTCPConnectionConfiguration#115: Disabling certificate verification!

anyone know how to fix it?

What are the specs of the Jibri server?

8 gb memory
150 gb hard disk
4 CPU(s)

Is Jibri the only thing installed on the server? Is it a virtual server?
Share your ffmpeg logs,

On this server jitsi jibri and etc for jitsi

Yep i think i dont have enough memory for this

16 gb and i can record conference more

i’ll comeback later with info about it