Recording session and sharing entire screen

Hi there,

jitsi in Google Chrome is showing a strange behavior since yersteday:

  • When I ask to record the session and share my screen, the platform requires me to select the tab where jitsi is running on.

As a result, users are no longer able to record the session and share your entire screen, other tabs in Google Chrome.

What we should do?

That should be possible (I think). When doing a local recording we need to capture the current tab, that’s why it asks you to select it.

You mean you are unable to share your screen while local recording?

When I click to start recording, jitsi asks me to share content. If I choose to share the entire screen, an error message pops up: “Please select the current tab.”

In other words, I am not able to record the session and share my entire screen.

It’s strange that I am able to record the session only if I choose to share the current tab.

Yeah, hopefully a newer Chrome version provides a way to do this easier. For now this is what you need to do:

  • Start the local recording, select the current meeting tab. Here you are basically telling the local recorder: “here, record the content of this meeting”
  • Once the recording is on, start sharing your screen

Do you have a problem with this?

I followed the steps and it worked. Thank you.

The issue is that I have to pin my shared screen so that it can be recorded.


I had the same issue, this was super helpful. Thanks so much!