Recording problem

I intergrated jitsi_meet to my Flutter app. When i start recording, there is no dropbox choice. There is only start button. When i press start button, it says recording startted. But i dont know where recording save.

How did you integrate? Are you using iFrame on the public instance at

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As a dependency. From pub dev.

url: GitHub - dispersik/jitsi_meet_fork
ref: master

like this

Ah, you’re using a fork of the project. The Jitsi team does not maintain that package, so your best bet would be to reach out to the owner when you have issues.

Besides that though, since this has to do with recording, did you install Jibri?

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Okay thanks a lot. No i didnt download. I want to save recordings to the dropbox. And show dropbox folders in the app.

You need to have Jibri (the recording component) installed, connecting to the server that’s running your Jitsi Meet installation.

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Okay I will check it. Thanks :slight_smile:

Can I install jibri on mac ?

No, it has to be installed on a linux server without GUI.

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