Recording problem. Only 13 minutes to record over 2h time

Hi everybody,

Yesterday (On monday 4 may 2020) on this link : we start to record a meeting at 19h42 (7:42 pm)and it stopped by itself maybe around 21h30/45 or 22h00. (9:30/45 or 22/00 pm)

But on the DropBox File, we can see only 13 minutes of this recordingā€¦Even if we download the file. :confused:
Please, how we can manage to have all the recording file mp4 ? (about 2 hours times)

It was a very important meeting for us and we need to make video montage with it, quicklyā€¦

Thanks for all. Your ā€œMeet.Jit.siā€ is very precious for us in this time !

We hope you can find-it !

Sorry, but I was unable to find any failed recording for this meeting.

Ok, if you didnā€™t find any failed on this recording, is that mean the record is available somewhere, right?
How can we find it, because on ā€œdropboxā€ folder there is only 13minutes of the total of about 2 hours? Does it possible for you to drop it again on that folder?
Or can you send us this recording? (by we transfer, mail, or other)?

Let us know what can we do to help you.

Thank you very much.

Link of the meeting :