Recording on

I am trying to record my jitsi meeting to dropbox.

I can connect to dropbox and see the jitsi meet folder.

But every time I try to turn recording on in, I get an error that the service is not available.

Is there a plan to fix this anytime? or am I the only one with this issue?

I will give a series of classes over jitsi in the coming weeks and really need this service…


Until someone can confirm whether recording is still working for them, can you tell us how much free space you have in your dropbox account? (as the only think I can think which would stop the file appearing if Jitsi was able to create the folder, is storage space).

Thanks for the reply.

My Dropbox is empty, except for the newly created Apps/Jitsu meet folder.

Jitsi meet told me there was space for 256 (or some other big amount) minutes of recording.

I have tried with the android app and in web browsers and always get the message that recording is not available…

Any thoughts would be appreciated…

This happens when all the available recorders are being used. I just tried now on and recording works just fine. Try now yourself to confirm everything works fine.

My frank suggestion if recording these meetings is crucial to you would be to consider a JaaS subscription ( to ensure you’re able to record when you need to. Because traffic to the public site is unpredictable, it’s impossible to tell whether or not you’ll have recorders available at the specific time of your meeting.

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I agree with Freddie, it is nice that is offered free for people to try out Jitsi (as resources and load permit), but one should not depend on such offerings for important or commercial events.


Thanks for the info.

I didn’t realize that the recording service was limited in the public server. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

I see that the the JaaS price for recording is $0.06/minute. Since this is for club meetings that can no longer take place physically because of Covid, I will see if the others accept that expense or not… I don’t see why they would oppose.

Anyway, thank you both for the clarifications and help!