Recording on local system

I have jitsi installed on my Ubuntu machine. I was able to connect to it using JitsiMeetExternalAPI. Using the following code, I tried to set recording. However, I am not sure if recording passed or not. Questions:

  1. How do I find out that recording of my meeting is indeed turned on?

  2. Where do I find the recording files on my local system?
    var domain = “karthikubuntu”;
    var userName = “Ghatanas”;
    var options = {
    “roomName”: “Test4Ghatanas”,
    “parentNode”: container,
    “width”: 600,
    “height”: 600,

    var recordingOptions = {
    “mode”: “file”,
    api = new JitsiMeetExternalAPI(domain, options);
    api.executeCommand(‘displayName’, userName);
    api.executeCommand(‘startRecording’, recordingOptions);

Thanks for your help