Recording on Jitsi

I just recorded a meeting today on Jitsi, and it seems that the recording was lost. I tried to find in dropbox and nothing…
Any suggestion?
Is it possible to rescue it?

is this on your own instance OR

on meet.jitsi…

if jitsi recorded it, then if you accidentally deleted it then you can recover from dropbox

In addition dropbox should tell you if jitsi create the file right on the dashboard.

Did you close the browser or quit before clicking “stop recording”?

Dear Master @emcho ,

Is there an issue connecting to Dropbox API?

Thank you for your enlightenment.


I dont think so

i just did a test & it worked

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Thanks @masteryoda for the update, :pray:

Seems that I missed something on my self-hosted Jitsi.


I have the same issue, and one of my colleagues has just contacted me on the same topic. Recorded video never appears in Dropbox.
We are using, click on start recording, the click again when Dropbox is suggested as destination, then recording starts. At the end of it, I press “Stop recording” button but nothing appears in my Dropbox, even if the folder Applications\Jitsi Meet\Recordings is actually created.