Recording on DropBox ends when the file is 1.5gb

Hello and thank you for Jitsi.

As in the title, I have this problem where the recording stops when the file reach 1.5gb, it takes around one hour.

I was using this instance and my dropbox account has around 2.7gb of free space.

I also tried the streaming on YouTube but one time it didn’t work and I lost all the interview that I did… (the LIVE sign was present for all the call).

Anyone can help me please?
Thank you

There is a 1 hour recording limit for the free service.

You could subscribe to 8x8 meet if you need longer recording, or host your own service.

Oh. I thought there wasn’t any limit. Sorry for the stupid question.

Is there a time limit also for the streaming?


I’m not sure, but my guess would be that the limit for steaming would be the same since the backend resource overheads would be similar.


Thank you for the answers.

This 1 hour limit is the default setting also for thirty part instances? I mean instances not hosted by me but from other organizations.

Is there a way to know which one apply the limit and who doesn’t?

Thank you.

It is an internal configuration so I don’t think it is something you can inspect yourself. You will have to ask the person/organisation hosting the instance, or just try it out.

I should point out that recording requires quite a lot of resource on the backend and so is costly for the people hosting the service. I’d be surprised if there are free services out there that offer unlimited recording with high availability. If I needed to record something of critical importance and for long periods, personally I would err on the side of caution and go for the paid service.

Thank you.

Would it it be possible, maybe in the future, to have a sort of Jibri installation that could work with multiple Jitsi installation?

I could install Jitsi on my server but there are tons of free instances and just a few that use Jibri. I could install Jibri on my server and be able to have unlimited record when I use a public instance or to allow other people to use my Jibri instance.

Jibri needs to know what URL(s) to connect to so it knows what meetings to join. Currently, you can configure one instance of Jibri to serve two separate domains - the ‘default’ one and then another one set using the ‘Base URL’ property.

Thank you. I see that now is not possible at all to record.

What I was imaging is a button with “Insert your Jibri instance” where you can add your instance url.