Recording of the individual video streams

We are a creative agency and produce videos. Typically we travel to the people we have to interview but with the covid restrictions we interview online using video conference systems.

When we record we record the experience that you see during the conference call. People appear when they speak - or you can someone for the whole or partial session.

We would like to record the video signal of all individuals in the conference call. If we could record all sources we have everyone full screen - uninterrupted and we can make an edit of the conversation using all the individual recordings.

So my question is:
Is it possible to record the individual video streams of all people that participate in a video conference?

Anyone with suggestions? Love to hear from you!


short answer: no
longer answer: it used to the way Jitsi-meet was working with a software using jirecon, but they have abandoned it and are very unlikely to revive it again. The software is still available here but you would have to hire a high powered developer to have some slight hope to make it work.

any chance you know which developer we could approach to dig deeper to find out if/how we can make this software work again?

Start a P2P conference for each participant and record it seperately. The participants can hear each other via your computer.

And as an option, start a muted conference room for the participants to see each other.

no sorry; it would have to be a Java developer versed in real time and having some basic knowledge of Webrtc.
Well, if you don’t have such a person in house, you should forget the idea IMO.

Thank you for your suggestions - Can you run a P2P conference and a Muted conference at the same time?

OK - if someone is fits this description: a Java developer versed in real time and having some basic knowledge of Webrtc. - please contact me

@sybroell what they are saying is true. If you really need that feature consider hiring talent to make the modifications for you.

Yes, you can start as many conference as you need at the same time. Open a new browser tab for each one.

Is this the platform to find the java developers? or is there an other community that we can tap into?

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Did you find a developer for this?