Recording not working with DropBox

Hi, I installed Jitsi correctly on my server
I have Tried local recording “without installing Jibri” (I don’t know if that matters)
And it was working fine
But when I activate recording via DropBox, I encountered the following problem


and the log file which is
jicofo.log —> /var/log/jitsi
It had the following error

Jicofo 2022-08-23 05:06:32.040 WARNING: [54] JibriIqHandler.handleRequest#66: Jibri IQ not accepted by any conference: <iq xmlns='jabber:client' to='' from='' id='Zm9jdXNAYXV0aC5qaXRzaTAucGlvbmVlcnNhY2FkZW15MjAxNy5jb20vZm9jdXMAN2U3ZGEyMTEtMzI2OS00MDQxLWIzZjctNTRiM2U2ZTFkMjQ3OnNlbmRJUQAkM0X25ur0yrNPpFLBpqZ7' type='set'><jibri xmlns='' action='start' recording_mode='file' app_data='{"file_recording_metadata":{"upload_credentials":{"service_name":"dropbox","token":"sl.BN3rcYJ-p-M465KAiSkW5tlSKoXaB7OOucz-MexHILgcrt0V7Kzrb-iaZBtsk3j2T2rwS5dDodrTN4L-m-96IVmtpiN-AgPgs1OEUd4GNaNX5RA2ugYpk88XTPTsOLTQgU1LDIYSpwwD","r_token":"wbLr8OEOYgAAAAAAAAAAAZ83USAgvZhapQDvI-ox6skVVsqK3K0ivIosHkui7yFe","app_key":"hklxhtf11tmcrap"}}}'/></iq>

and I set everything right I think at the file

// Enable the dropbox integration.
     dropbox: {
         appKey: 'hklxhtf11tmcrap', // Specify your app key here.
    //     // A URL to redirect the user to, after authenticating
    //     // by default uses:
    //     // ''

so is it a problem with my server ? or i should wait till my DropBox App get approved ?

thank you.

You need Jibri for Dropbox integration.

I did install it by follwoing this
jitsi/jibri: Jitsi BRoadcasting Infrastructure (
not working still
should i add anything in the file
/etc/jitsi/jibri/jibri.conf ?

Yes, you need to populate that file. Use the guide below to verify your installation steps and get the config for jibri.conf: