Recording not working over customised Jitsi build


I have build a customised version of jitsi by cloning the Jitsi’s Git repo.

I have setup an environment recently where, default jitsi is working with JWT and token affiliation. Also the Recording is working in the default jitsi setup(i.e. /urs/share/jitsi-mee).

My problem, I had clone the Jitsi’s repo 11th Aug’20, after that I have continued my jitsi customisation on the cloned version without merging with the Jitsi’s Git repo for latest changes.

I have made few modification in the Interface whitelist as well few other UI component which is mandatory for logged in users.

I’m unable to start the Recording, on my customized version but other features are working fine with any errors.

Following is the Severe error I’m getting.

Jicofo 2020-11-01 08:58:17.864 SEVERE: [30] org.jitsi.jicofo.recording.jibri.JibriSession.log() Unable to find an available Jibri, can’t start

The Jibri instance was setup yesterday with the latest Jitsi configuration.

Can someone please help me with my problem.

Thank you for your time.

this is not a frontend related problem. Probably the Jibri is not connecting correctly to prosody/jicofo, or maybe to a wrong domain ?

Logs from jibri might be usefull

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Those 2 statements appear to be conflicting to me, so I’m a bit confused. If you had Jibri working in your Aug 11th install, why instal it again yesterday? Perhaps I’m not quite getting what you’re describing?

Anyway, it’s worth pointing out that the configuration parameters for Jibri have been moved from config.json in the previous version to jibri.conf. If you just installed Jibri yesterday, you will need to populate the Jibri.conf file with the appropriate values. Here is the migration guide, if migrating from config.json to jibri.conf. You will also find a link to an example of how to configure the environment.

If after configuring appropriately, you’re still having problems, post your Jibri (and possibly, Jicofo) logs, like maxired advised above.

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Hi @maxired,

Sorry for deply in reply. I was able to fixed this issue. It was due to a custom component which I had build.

Problem was when I had build my custom component, I had passed the custom data(eg. Speaker List) to the component from using the interfaceConfig array in iframe.

But this interfaceConfig array was not available with Jibri users since it was not a normal user which enters the jitsi room using iframe API.

So I removed all such component and data and tested the recording and it was working fine.

I appreciate you interest in my problem.

Thanks you. Happy Coding !

Hi @Freddie,

Sorry for delay in reply. I have being caught up with development and release lately.

First of all thanks you for your inputs. I appreciate your inputs.

As mentioned in my earlier post I have fixed this issue.

Also for your clearing your confusion, I had initial clone jitsi-meet from its Git repository and started my development.

Since the start, I hadnt my development branch with jitsi’s master branch.

The Jibri instance which I had setup along with Jitsi configuration had default jitsi-meet default, which I had later replaced with my custom jitsi-meet development folder.

I hoped this clears few things.

Thanks for your advice on the difference in version of jibri.

We had hired a Jibri expertise to solve the initial issue with Jibri recording so it was taken care by him I suppose.

Will sure post if I face any future issue in the configuration.

Thank you for your interest. Happy Coding !