Recording not found in Dropbox

Hi everyone,

I recorded a 1h30 call with a friend, we both remember hearing the “recording is on” signal, however, the next day the recording was nowhere in my Dropbox. I also checked deleted files, there was nothing. Recordings have worked for all my previous calls (10+).

Could it be that the recording got cancelled somehow? Could it be that it did not save if I did not end the recording? Is there any way I could check this?

note: I am not tech or computer code savvy, so some steps might be hard for me to follow.
This is my first post - I didn’t want to miscategorize it so I left in uncategorized, sorry.

Thank you for any advice,


We see several reports for missing recordings, so there must be an issue and we will be investigating it.

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Where can I follow if there have been any advances on this - are there any threads that offer more information?

I would like to know if it is realistic to expect the recovery of the recording…



there is a search function on this forum - entering dropbox in the search box could possibly lead you to some results like (for example) this one

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Thank you very much! Rookie mistake of me.


Hello, thanks for taking the time to report this. I’ve tagged and re-categorized this thread.

I can not help you with this issue but this may provide some explanation and help others, perhaps improve the situation :