Recording not found in Dropbox

Hi everyone,
I have recorded a job interview through Jiitsi meet but it is not on my dropbox.
I need it absolutely!
Could you please help me out?
thanks and regards


Did you test this beforehand ? I keep noticing this problem reported in the forums and in the bug tracker.

I lack the time to check the bugs reported, perhaps there is an explanation and solution for finding a lost recording.

Sorry you had to find out after an important meeting! Always test in advance :pleading_face:

Hi there
I have tested it.
Actually this was the second recordings.
First one did ok and I found it on the Dropbox‘s folder.
The second one wasn’t there.
I have searched everywhere on Dropbox but I cannot find it.
If I give you the URL and the date and time could you please check if you can find it?
This is a very important matter otherwise I wouldn’t disturb you!
Thanks in advance

Sorry, I lack the time and resources to check for you. I don’t use Dropbox nor will I ever use it so I can’t test this for possible bugs or intended behavior.

sorry but on the community blog I have read that somebody has helped out another user with the same problem.
could you just forward this request to other developers?
thanks for your help

Can you share the link ?

There are plenty of bug reports about this, so developers are well aware.

When you were mentioning you searched the Dropbox folder did you mean on the website or on your PC ? Perhaps the recording is in Dropbox but just not synchrnized to your PC.

I noticed a previous reply by @bbaldino about a similar issue, perhaps he can help ?


Try to open Dropbox via browser. In my case the recordings don’t show in my Windows Dropbox application or shared folder, but in the browser I can see and download it.
Hope it can help.

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If you rename it, will it sync ? See this post.

Good afternoon,

sure… , if you rename it, i t will sync. And, sure also…, you can easily use your browser to look at the file (or even click on the Dropbox icon on the task bar and go to

Perhaps I was not clear about the object of my post. My point was to advise Jitsi to just make sure that the meeting recording will sync on Dropbox (on Windows) as it should by avoiding to put in the file name a Microsoft banned character (« : », in this case).

Thank you for your answers,


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Very clear, just double checking here as I always assumed people reporting this were looking in both places!

please find here below the URL:

please ckeck or forward it to some developers that can find the lost recording.
thanks for your help

thanks for your suggestions.
I have done it but the file of the recording is empty both ways.
if you have any other suggestions, please don’t hesitate.
thanks a lot.

I’ve file a bug report about this. If you have had this issue in the past, please share your experience there :

Hello, just a follow up on this common problem. I’ve tagged and re-categorized this thread.

I can not help you with this issue but this may provide some explanation and help others, perhaps improve the situation :