Recording - no recorder available

Hi, Im getting “all recorders are currently busy” regularly this week.

Can you please let me know what I can do to avoid this ?

Shall I change the time frame of the meeting for instance, is there a time window when recorders would mostly be available ?

I am offering 30min of yoga/relaxation to my friends in Europe and in the USA who really appreciate to be able to chat with me, and see all of us like in a material yoga room,
jitsi makes this possible and we would like these 30min to be recorded so that I can share the video with those who cannot join on the moment because of works, kids… life and want to do it at their convenience.

Thank you SO much for your help and amazing service.

I had the same problem yesterday and today when I attempted to record a music lesson and a song. I finally got it to record after a few tries, but the recording is very garbled and useless. Please advise whether this is just an anomaly or something else?

Can any of the developers comment? I use Jitsi meet because of it’s recording capability, but I keep getting the “all recorders are busy” message. I enjoy using Jitsi Meet, but i may have to find an alternative if I can’t record when I need to.

Thanks, guys.