Recording meeting without youtube/Jibri

Dear Team, Can I record a meeting without using YouTube? Background: Due to Corona, I want to do research interviews with strong privcy and data protection requirements. No way I could stream them to YouTube and then pick up the recording there. I need to have have an opportunity to save the Interview on my own disc or a protected flash drive.
Any ideas?

The other option will be to your Dropbox account.

Or if you deploy it yourself there is post process script on jibri you can use to store it a way you like.

how to save in dropbox?

This is on

Thank you for your answers damencho and Talat_Bhat. Unfortunately, I didn’t mention the fact that Dropbox isn’t an option either (I knew about that possibility). Our data protction officer is going to kill me if I send confidential information into the cloud. So it’s really hard disc or flash drive which obviously isn’t available. It surprises me a bit because other providers like Zoom have this option available. (I’m no saying I rather use Zoom because they got privacy problems of their own). I didn’t quite understand the second reply from damencho. For me as a non-technical person it sounds a bit complicated. Thanks anyway.

And if you just go for the simplest solution?
Just add another computer to the meeting, set-up the screen (people) the way you want and use Windows 10’s built-in screen recorder?

Hi, guys!

We use very simple script to finalize recording and store video in Peertube -
It works with Jibri config ( /etc/jitsi/jibri/config.json ) parameter "finalize_recording_script_path":
Please let me know how can I return peertube answer to Jibri and pass it to current room text chat. We have to open recording URL only for speakers in current room.

Thank you for help!