Recording jitsi meet

Dear all, I didn’t understand how to record the videoconference made in a room (preferably separating the audio of each participant).
I also need to know how to record the videoconference made downloading Jitsi on a MacBook.

Could you help me?

I read all the answer but they din’t give me the information.

Thank you very much
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there is 2 type of recording,

  1. local recording - this is just audio recording. as the name suggests it is done locally. only user with moderator rights has the ability to initiate local recording. after recording is done each user will see their own audio in the downloads folder.
  2. server side recording - again only user with moderator rights can start the recording. after recording is done it will store some location. if u configure your jibri with dropbox then recorded video will be transfer to your dropbox.

hope this helps…

Who is the moderator? Who open the room and invite the other? How i can setup it?

When i click on start recording it ask my Dropbox account. How i can record on Youtube?
How i can make the 3 (local,server, YouTube) records?
Thank you very much

Choose live streaming.

You can do only one at a time, either recording to dropbox or live streaming.

I know but I want to know the procedure to follow for each of the three choices. As I understood recording on Youtube gives more possibilities but I don’t understand why…

Thank you very much for the support

Youtube is different as it is a live stream and millions of people can watch it at the same time.