Recording Jitsi Meet to Dropbox, file saves but no audio or video

Hello all,

New Jitsi user here. Trying to record a Jitsi Meet, run entirely through Chrome and nothing installed directly to computer. (Please note it is a university computer with admin restrictions.) I click “Start Recording” and setup the connection to my Dropbox account. Jitsi says recording starts, I do a test run, and Jitsi confirms my stop recording request. During the meet and while recording, I have a classroom camera, projector, and microphone setup all running and working in the room. Jitsi Meet settings show the correct camera, mic, and speaker setup.

A mp4 file appears in my Dropbox folders; however, it only contains an image of my user initial (as if I had the video camera off) and the watermark in the upper corner. The file does not contain any other audio or video.

Tinkering with this, I noticed that if I share a YouTube video during meet, the Dropbox saved file will also include the YouTube video’s video & audio, but goes back to the default ‘nothing’ when I unshare it. When I try screen-sharing features, it does not add any change to the saved Dropbox file.

Any suggestions? Is this a case of novice user error?
If it helps, I’m running on Windows 10 with Google Chrome Version 76.0.3809.132 (Official Build) (64-bit). It is generic computer user account with minimal admin (no) rights.

Thanks in advance!

Am I understanding you correctly that you’re doing this on

So you’re saying that you have your video muted, but not your audio muted, and even though you speak the recording doesn’t contain any of your audio?

Thanks @bbaldino. Yes, I’m doing this on, specifically with a specific URL that gets reused for group meetings. We’ve used it successfully before with meetings, but now we need record them.

Neither video or audio is muted. I’ve tinkered more with mixed results. My original reply had links to the test videos & screenshots from Dropbox video clips & Jitsi meet screens. However, since I’m a new user, Jitsi restricted the number of links & photos I could share. So here is a link to a Dropbox document that has this post with all the links & photos.

When I first posted this, I was the only person logged in for testing.

  • Test video 1: No webcam or mic audio captured. YouTube A/V works fine (at min 3:05)
  • Screenshot 1 - no audio or camera video captured
  • Screenshot 2 - but A/V working ok with shared YouTube video

Since my first post, I grabbed a laptop and logged in a second person to the meet (with me controlling this “Fellow Jitster”). Since the laptop is in the same room (by necessity), I had to mute the second computer to avoid audio echo.

  • Test video 2: No host computer A/V recorded; video is from 2nd computer’s wecam; YouTube A/V clip at 0:33-1:14 min; screen sharing at 1:50-1:59 min
  • Screenshot 3 - 2nd test person added to the meet, but they are the presenter.
  • Screenshot 4 - screenshare video is working after 2nd person added, but still not regular webcam of host person
  • Screenshot 5 - settings of primary host computer - webcam, mic, & speakers active

I unmuted the second computer, and recorded the meet from the primary. A/V was recorded but again from the 2nd computer (as presenter).

  • Test video 3 - loud echo warning.

How can I force the presenter role back to the host computer? Not sure if that will help fix anything, but it will stop the A/V from being recorded from the 2nd test person’s computer.

I reloaded the meet with the setting “Everyone starts muted” in case that was forcing a presenter change. Now, I am able to record the meet using the primary host computer, but there is still no audio.

  • Test video 4 - video is good, but no audio

Also, odd side effect is that now camera & mics seems to be muted between the primary & secondary test computers, even if I have both manually unmuted or mute & unmute to see if that will override an initial mute status when logging in.

  • Screenshot 6 - 2nd computer no longer has a webcam displayed


Thanks, Shawn. Can you run the following scenario? 2 laptops in a call, live stream started. Talk from one laptop (other can be muted) and confirm that the other laptop can hear your audio and then include the Jibri recording. I don’t doubt some superset of this scenario is included in your testing above, but it will help to run this simple case. If this simple case is in there exactly already, sorry I may have missed it.