Recording jitsi [help]

Hello to all members of the community

I found a problem to activate the recording for my Jitsi meet application installed in an ec2 amazon instance indeed I followed all the documentation located in github by adding another amazon instance for the Jibri server (4 go ram) but after that I encountered a problem where the camera is no longer working and others issues

My final goal is to activate the recording of Jitsi meetings and thus add its recordings in S3 bucket or on Dropbox

I need your help to get to this point

thank you so much

Can you test your jitsi with 2 and 3 participants, without recording… To simulate more participants you can use browser tabs to connect to the same room.

What is the result for camera?

I have fixe the probleme now but the recording feature is not working

i don’t know what i can do to fix that

I see that in github [link below] and i think that we can’t setup a jibri server on any cloud provider

any recomandations ?

Not sure where did that link say jibri cannot be installed on any cloud servers.

Jibri can be installed on AWS servers and other cloud providers(you may find if you search this forum).

The kernel must support the snd-aloop module. Some cloud kernel has no support by default. It’s needed to change the default kernel if this is the case

Yes exactly and absolutely that’s the problem I can’t install another kernel in the aws cloud and I can’t find how to solve this problem

Spending a few minutes on google would give you Change default kernel in Ubuntu 18.04 – Linux blog and many other links to help.

Thanks you for your suggestions but nothing has changed

Hello Emrah

I used a repository in your github :

And i get this message:

How can i solve that

Thanks you

It worked for me on AWS and I see you are on AWS too. So it should work, if you follow those instructions carefully.

Hello sir

thank you for your interest and i hope you help me solve my problem

In fact I installed my jitsi server on an aws ec2 instance machine of type t2.micro and it works very well without problem

And in the other side I installed Jibri in an ubuntu 20.04 LTS machine of type (t2.xlarge) and I wanted to add the video recording but as you see I find it difficult with the command
modprobe snd_aloop

because I find it hard to change the kernel of the amazon instance (I am not familiar with shell commands)

My final goal is to record the meetings and put it in dropbox or on amazon S3 bucket

thank you so much

First you need to install the generic kernel package then you should change the GRUB config to activate the newly installed kernel. If you are not familiar with the sheel commands, this may seem complicated.

Is there something that is not clear in the link I provided? That has all the steps and I found no better article than that for changing the kernel.

The problem is resolved

Thanks you @Prashanth and @emrah for your help.

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