Recording jibri result not room full screen

Hi i’m using jitsi-docker with kubernetes for deployment. All functionality works but for recording result it just record video stream not all room full screen.

Here’s the result of recording that’s only record video stream not all room full screen

How i can record all room full screen in jitsi? maybe with jitsi API or something else in config? Thanks before

Here’s the full screen room that i want to record

IIUC you have a customized UI (probably using iframe API) and want to record this UI instead of Jitsi-only screen. Is this correct?

Yes that’s correct how i could do this? anyway i use auto record from jitsi iframe API too

You may set base-url to force Jibri to connect to your customized UI

But you will need to expose all the commands jibri uses APP.... and all params it passes to the page to pass it to the iframe.

yes, i already set base-url to connect the customized UI. But it’s still same it doesn’t show full entire screen only the meeting

How i can do this? or can you give me reference about this?

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