Recording isn't working with devices like ClearOne Interact 8i

I was testing my setup with tools like ClearOne Interact8i (conference room setup), Audio and Video were fine but when we clicked on recording button then nothing happened. Even the Preparing Recording notification didn’t come up. I check the Jibri logs but the request didn’t come to jibri to start the recording. Even Jicofo logs didn’t contain any thing related to Jibri.

First we thought that something is wrong with our Jibri setup but then we found out that recording is working fine if participants are not using the conference setup.

Is there any limitation of Jitsi/Jibri like it won’t work with these kind of devices?

So, the final outcome is that if we are using websockets then recording isn’t working but when we moved to our other setup(no websockets) then it worked.