Recording is often impossible to be saved

In the last two months something really serious happens very often: sometimes with no reason it is impossible to save the recording file and all the lesson or meeting is lost !!!
Do you have any idea to fix it please?!

Are you talking about your own deployment or
If this is your deployment, do you mean client-side recording or server-side recording?

I use Jitsi in a very basic way, without any my own deployment.
The problem I have is new (it didn’t happen before): I record always and everything, and once every 3/4 of lessons the recording doesn’t save: if I stop recording, nothing happens, it keep on recording and the only way is to leave the meeting session, loosing the recorded lesson (!!).
I really preferred before, when at the end of recording it was saved on Dropbox…
Do you have any idea to suggest me…?
What I am thinking to do… is to leave JItsi (I’d prefer not) or to learn a way to record my voice and students voice in a different way (quite difficult since I use headphones).

Hi Mario,

Looks like you use which is maintained by Jitsi Team. Actually there are some old messages in this forum why server-side recording and uploading to Dropbox were removed from this server.

Yes I use, where I should post for Jitsi Team then?

Recording to Dropbox is no longer available on You can use Local Recording; just remember to stop the recording when you’re done BEFORE you leave the meeting and the recorded file will be automatically downloaded to your computer.

Unfortunately I know that: I don’t think it was a good idea… there are often inconveniences after Dropbox was discontinued:

actually two things happen to me often and I’d like to avoid both:

  1. if the connection is interrupted (or if you forget to stop it) the registration is lost.
  2. sometimes (1 every 4-5 times) the recording is not saved by the command “save recording” (sometimes the “button” is completely inactive) and can only be interrupted by closing the connection: therefore the recording is lost.

…moreover, it would be great the possibility to add:

  1. automatic saving in case of problems or interruption.
  2. the audio-only recording option (for archive is more than enough, with a very lighter file).

Thank you

Server-side recording feature still exists in Jitsi; it has only been disabled on because of the significant cost involved in providing it on a free service.

You can still use server-side recording if you subscribe to JaaS if you host your own deployment. Yes, that does mean some associated cost, but the fact is that recording on the server has always had cost associated with it and up until recently the good folks behind has been footing the bill for all of us.

I understood. I didn’t know.
Thanks to staff then for what they did an do for us. :pray:
Really thank you.

I don’t know what a “deployment” is… so it is not clear how to use JaaS.
I am not sure it’s for a basic user like I am (I just need to record my lessons for audio only archive)

Why don’t create just a simple payable option of a video or audio only “Server-side recording”, how much would it costs…?

…or better…: the possibility to save a recordings locally is easier than Dropbox, the problem is if this way origins the “dangerous” troubles.

  1. Probably a sort of red button somewhere with an alert - prompt (if possible) to confirm, before proceed to close the meeting, when recording is on, could help to avoid to forget to save the registration. Or the possibility to automatically close the recording in any case (it would be great in case of connection interupted!).

  2. … is there any known reason for which sometimes “close recording” doesn’t react and there’s no way to save it…?

Thank you :blush:

Yes. That would indeed be helpful. It’s something that has been discussed in several threads, including this one – Questions regarding the new LocalRecording feature - #22 by shawn. Hopefully we can get that in place some day.

That would probably be a bug.

If/when that happens, it might be worth capturing your browser console logs then post a topic on this forum describing the problem and include the error logs.

All right, I’ll do that next time.
Thank for now.