Recording is not working

hello, i am trying to record a meeting using jibri and somehow it doesn`t work.
i have to mention that i deploy the jitsi on docker.
this is the logs that i am getting:
logs.txt (8.5 KB)

Seems like Jibri is having problems authenticating. Check your .env and check the Jibri accounts registered to make sure you provided the right passwords.

where can i check Jibri accounts registered?

i have checked in the .env and in the jibri.conf and the authentication looks fine to me .
i am adding the two parts maybe you will see something wrong:

env.txt (11.2 KB)
jibri.conf.txt (4.1 KB)

No idea about the Dockerized setup but it seems like you don’t have a valid FQDN. You cannot get a Lets Encrypt certificate for an IP address

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