Recording in mosaic

I am looking for how to record with Jitsi and jibri in mosaic mode by seeing all the people on the screen and not just the one who is speaking. Is this possible?

Isn’t this the default behavior?

@emrah No, I think Jibri doesn’t default to recording in Tile view anymore - this was changed several versions back.

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To record in Tile (mosaic) view, use the “Follow me” feature (found in ‘Settings’ under the ‘Moderator’ tab) - that way, when you switch to tile view in your meeting, your recording will be captured in the same view.

follow me


Hmm, you are right.

A second option is to edit /usr/share/jitsi-meet/body.html

function setRecorderSettings() {
  try {
    var isRecorder =["features/base/config"].iAmRecorder;

    if (!isRecorder) return false;{type: 'SET_TILE_VIEW', enabled: true});
  } catch(e) {
    // do nothing
  } finally {
    setTimeout(function() {setRecorderSettings();}, 3000);

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Great Thank

another question I no longer have the option to add a background in my browser on computer. On an old version I could blur a background for example