Recording in Jitsi

Hi, is there a way to be able to save the reording to one account in dropbox like do an automatic log in without it asking you to log in?

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Well, you will certainly need to authenticate to send your recording to your Dropbox. Are you on the public or do you host your own server?

on the public , what I need is that all the recordings are saved to just one account , we have 400 clients and we don´t want each client to authenticate in their own account we want them to be able to save their recording to one place so we have a control of each recording.
Kind of like Teams when it automatically saves the recording to stream

That’s not going to happen on the free instance of Jitsi at A workaround would be to provide each meeting host with the login credentials to a central Dropbox account, that way, recordings done by all the hosts will go to the same account. [By the way, when you say “400 clients”, you mean “400 total participants in meetings”, right? Recording should be done per meeting - no need for each user to record the meeting (even though this is possible on the public].

You may also want to look into a subscription with 8x8, which gives you more granular control over your meetings.

We have 400 clients who will be using jitsi to do video calling in different rooms and each client should be able to record.
Do you know if 8x8 also has an embeded code like public jitsi?

Couldn’t you just host your own Jitsi server on your site with about 400+ Jibri servers avaliable?

Is there a installation for windows in jibri?

you’d need to have a sever PC, or a VM that’s on 24/7 and a domain

you can get a free domain here

Yes. You can contact for more information.