Recording: how to record all users in tile mode

Hi, like in title, how to record all users at once?

We will have max 4 users per room, and we will have tile view all the time - our aim is to record them all, not one user.

If this is on (Local Recording), just have your view set to tile mode and it will be captured like that. If you’re self-hosting andhave deployed Jibri, use the "Everyone follows me" option after switching to tile view and the recording will be captured in the same view.

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unfortunately but before I didn’t have time to check this idea, sorry for long delay

as I expected the fallow me option destroys tile view for other users, but recording is like I want

so propably we cant have both behaviors like all user in tile view + recording all users as tile view?

Not sure I understand what you’re saying. Assuming you’ve deployed Jibri, when the Moderator activates “Everyone follows me”, then whatever view the Moderator switches to, will be captured by Jibri. So, in your case, after activating the setting, the Moderator needs to stay in Tile View and the meeting will be recorded like that.

Note that even though the Moderator activates “Everyone follows me”, each participant can still change their view as they like.