Recording highlights on JaaS


I’m looking for more info on the recording highlight feature which was introduced fairly recently as per 6 April 2022 Release. I managed to infer some things from the PR that introduced it but since I couldn’t find any official documentation here are some questions:

  1. What is the slice that is considered the “hightlight” with regards to clicking the hightlight button - e.g. 10 seconds before and after each click? Is it configurable?
  2. Judging by the “Your highlighted moment will be added to the meeting summary.” message it seems like all the highlights are combined in a single video (the “summary”) after the meeting. Is this indeed the case?
  3. Is the feature supported on JaaS? I see a request being made to “” (not configurable as webhookProxyUrl is not whitelisted) each time I click the button but we don’t receive a webhook event neither for the highlights nor for the summary. We were also wondering whether the VIDEO_SEGMENT_UPLOADED events are somehow related to highlights, e.g. are they supposed to prefer highlights instead of random segments?

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