Recording has stoppped

When I click recording, message popup saying preparing to record the meeting, after about 60 seconds, there is a voice saying “recording has stopped”.
From log seems chrome failed to join the call.

Any clue here?chrome_debug.log (77.3 KB) chromedriver.log (9.5 KB)

Do you have Jibri logs? Is this your own deployment? Or

Yes, it was connecting to jitsi on, jibri was on

Please refer to attached jibri log, jibri configs and prosody setting from jitsi.
config.json.txt (3.0 KB) log.0.txt (16.1 KB) prosody.cfg.lua.txt (8.6 KB)

Extension was renamed in order to upload here.

Looks like Jibri was unable to access your jitsi meet deployment:

2019-06-16 21:03:54.826 FINE: [45] org.jitsi.jibri.selenium.pageobjects.CallPage.visit() Visiting url"Jibri"
2019-06-16 21:04:54.840 SEVERE: [45] An error occurred while joining the call: org.openqa.selenium.TimeoutException: timeout
  (Session info: chrome=75.0.3770.80)

Yes, could you help check if anything wrong in the jibri and jitsi configs?

I think you need an actual domain name for the xmpp stuff. Don’t think settings like auth. are going to work.

From jitsi guide below:, do I still need a domain name? Is hostname also fine?

During the installation, you will be asked to enter the hostname of the Jitsi Meet instance. If you have a FQDN hostname for the instance already set up in DNS, enter it there. If you don’t have a resolvable hostname, you can enter the IP address of the machine (if it is static or doesn’t change).

This hostname (or IP address) will be used for virtualhost configuration inside the Jitsi Meet and also, you and your correspondents will be using it to access the web conferences.

Yeah you just need a hostname there.

Hi, Jibri stops recording after 60 seconds or so, nothing in the logs. in the browser I never get notified when it started, but it records and even uploads the video correctly to dropbox