Recording feature via dropbox broken?

For a few days, the functionality for recording via dropbox does not work any more. The oauth/API authorization request from a) the android app b) the web ( to dropbox leads to a page, that does not load, but gives a black screen.
As it happens both on the android app and on the web on a different computer, it looks like something between jitsi and dropbox communication is broken.

(its my first post and i hope this is the right place for this)

Just tested it - it actually does work, but there’s a slight issue. Instead of getting the authentication dialog within Jitsi, it’s redirecting to an external page to authenticate. If you authenticate through that page, the page closes and you’re directed back to your Jitsi meeting.

But this is not how it’s supposed to work, so there’s something wrong…

I get the redirection to the external web-page for login to the dropbox api in the android-app since i started to use the recording feature.
The Web version i use rarely, so it may have been as You say Freddie.

Via the web/browser it works now - with a small pop-up.window.
Via the android-app it does not work, maybe we have to wait for a new version of the app.