Recording failed to start

Hello there.
We are trying to setup Jitsi in Kubernetes and have the following setup:

Internal Kubernetes network, the following components installed:
jibri with IP
jicofo with IP
jvb with IP
prosody with IP
web with IP
All these hostnames are DNS-resolvable internally and available for each other

HTTPS traffic is unloaded on incoming ingress router and in LAN we have http only.
From outside world Jitsi-meet is available as URL and WAN IP address (where https is unloaded) serves multiple domains, so we need to specify full url in order to access Jitsi


        // The hosts of the XMPP servers to connect to as part of
        //  this environment
        "xmpp_server_hosts": [
        "xmpp_domain": "meet.jitsi",

All works fine, except recordings. We have “Recording failed to start” error and in browser.0.txt see:

2019-11-11 00:37:20.710 INFO: [218] browser.leaveCallAndQuitBrowser() [2019-11-11T00:37:20+0100] [FINE] DevTools WebSocket Command: Page.navigate (id=12) 1A5D6F1B600045E24A195A0F9E7DD739 {
"url": "https://meet.jitsi"

2019-11-11 00:37:20.711 INFO: [218] browser.leaveCallAndQuitBrowser() [2019-11-11T00:37:20+0100] [FINE] DevTools WebSocket Response: Page.navigate (id=12) 1A5D6F1B600045E24A195A0F9E7DD739 {
"errorText": “net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED”,
“frameId”: “1A5D6F1B600045E24A195A0F9E7DD739”,
“loaderId”: “550C3A50F81E6605728B18E0EFD4741F”

The result is easily explainable, because meet.jitsi is not resolvable DNS name, indeed.

However, the question is - what should be proper configuration for jibri?

Please, advice! I’ll share all my results as soon as setup is completed!
Thanks in advance!

Where does this https link to meet.jitsi come from?
Why hardcoded https? There is no https in local network available in our setup.
I have read about editing /etc/hosts, as to map meet.jitsi to the same IP address as is resolved to, so meet.jitsi would land on the same router that incoming requests for are, but this does not work either, because there is no valid https certificate for meet.jitsi in there.