Recording failed to start


I have installed everything successfully, now when clicking on start recording than show me “Preparing to record meeting” after some time failed to start “Recording failed to start”.

Please refer log and just let me know high-level idea how to start it and what is an issue.

NOTE: I checked recording folder contains different folder name which contains metadata.json only. Another ffmpeg.0.log is empty.

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, Referred Video tutorial.

  1. Using IP address doing all stuff then hostname.
  2. All are on a single server.

Attached is Log files
Log Files - Click on Me

org.jitsi.jibri.selenium.pageobjects.CallPage.visit() Timed out waiting for call page to load
2019-08-03 09:39:18.176 INFO: [2554]

Looks like Jibri was unable to load the call page.

Thank you for the help. Resolved it.

I have question once user stop recording then how can moderator know about recording file name or URL for download ? Is there anyway we can share URL?

You’ll have to implement most of that yourself. The finalize script gives a hook to integrate some of your own logic there, it gets invoked with the path to the recorded file. You can also use the dropbox integration to store the recording in someone’s dropbox account.

Thanks for the info. Is there any event for recording start and stop recording.

I didn’t find any event over here,

If not then where can I get an event with the path (path/to/filename.mp4)?
Can you provide me filename with an exact path of the file, where I need to update?

@higunjan Have you checked

Yes I saw that, $RECORDINGS_DIR directory name I’ll get but how what about file-name inside it ?
How can I identify username, who record it? In case I want to send email these URL .

There is a metatdata json file created next to the recording and if you are using tokens the identity of the participant will land in the metadata file.

Thank you, I got your point.

One more feature I want to integrate, but for that I want streaming URL only. I saw speech to text integration but where can I get stream URL for that session? I want to share that URL to other they can use and do next process.

Jibri is sending it back to the room and the UI shows it in the info popup, but there is no API to retrieve it.

Gotcha.! Thank you.

If i want to build it then can you please guide me where can I change and how can I retrieve streaming. in code ?