Recording failed to start

Hi, Guys
Hope you are all good.
Now, I am using jitsi for my class.
But something went wrong.
All users can’t start recording. Like this, “Recording failed to start”, “Bridge Channel send: no opened channel.”
How can I fix this problem?
Please help me.
Thanks all

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Looks like your bridge may not be working. Try hosting a meeting with 3 participants (no need to record for now), see if you’re successful with that.

Are you using or your own installation?

I have tried with 3 participants. but same thing happened.

It’s local server

As suspected, your bridge is not working. That’s the first issue to resolve.
How did you install? Is everything installed on the same server?

I am using two servers for jibri

Meaning you have Jitsi (jitsi-meet, jicofo, prosody, videobridge) installed on one sever and Jibri on another?


Ok, so how did you install Jitsi? What guide did you follow?

I have used this guide

This is how I DID it with matrix synapse and now my matrix is not working eithr.

This is my jibri log

Well, that’s a customized script. I’d suggest reaching out to the Matrix/Synapse team. If you use the Quick Install script, it’s a straightforward process. For now, worry about getting your bridge functioning first, you can deal with Jibri later, if it’s still having issues.

If you know how can I get my local address and public address using command in linux, kindly let me know

sudo nano /etc/jitsi/videobridge/

I am really unhappy for now.
I don’t know how I can solve this problem.

any news on this issue. same problem here

Hello @kl1lercher,

All possible causes have been already discussed in this topic

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I have the same issue on VM server local server.

OS: Ubuntu 20.04 server on 2 guest OS
Jitsi Meet : Prosody ,Jicofo, JVB