Recording does not appear in Dropbox

Is it possible that this file is somehow automatically stored in Jitsi dropbox servers? If it’s in “the cloud” it must be somewhere?
Why did I get notification that I have space if I don’t?
I wasn’t using Dropbox because it’s so unreliable but yesterday I had no option. and since it worked before I trusted the system.
It’s a disaster.

Hello. The same situation happens to me just now. Can you help? I didn’t see any replies to any of the post asking for help. Is this chat is still active?

Let me know if you sort it, please!

I didn’t get any help and couldn’t find the files in the Dropbox. It’s a disaster and I still hope it’s possible to retrieve the files from their servers somewhere but nobody replies.

Hello Laura’ nobody answered me but after the meeting, I empty my Dropbox and go to sleep. I just woke up and checked my dropbox and it appeared. So maybe it didn’t have enough storage to upload at first or maybe they didn’t do something but I doubt it because I didn’t provide my jitsi link on my request. I don’t know. I Hope you get the help you are looking for. Try to free your Dropboxto to allow space maybe it will work. Good luck dear.

Hi there!
I had a meeting on on the 2nd of February at around 11.18 a.m. (Spain) that I recorded to be sent to me by Dropbox, but I never received that file. Could you help me with that? (my dropbox account is completely empty and with plenty of space).

The meeting URL was: Jitsi Meet

Thanks so much!

Laura Reyes

I did not sort it unfortunately.

If you find a way to help please let me know.

Thank you!



Hi Laura! Welcome to the community!

Unfortunately, that was such a long time ago, that’s it’s highly unlikely the recording will still exist in the Jitsi ecosystem. Jitsi doesn’t retain user information (including recordings), so while there have been instances where missing recordings were luckily retrieved, those were often within hours of the conference happening. Sorry. For future meetings, ensure that you have sufficient space in your Dropbox account before the meeting to avoid running into this issue again.

Hi Freddie,

I contacted support minutes after the fact.

What are these instances you mention in which recordings were retrieved? Because this is the reason why I contacted support in the first place… it looked like there would be a trace of the file generated right afterwards.

There’s no set or guaranteed process for retrieval - again, because of Jitsi’s underlying policy of “no user data permanence”. So, as far as I know, there’s no effort dedicated solely to handling this. If a person is lucky and someone happens to look quickly, perhaps they can find the recording before it’s completely purged from the server. I’ve also seen a lot of instances where once a person frees up space in their Dropbox account, the recording shows up. Again, none of this is guaranteed, so the fail-safe measure is to ensure you have sufficient space in Dropbox before recording.

The same happened to me. No storage left in my dropbox and can’t find any recording :frowning: I was meeting yesterday between 23:00 and 00:00 on the link
Really hope someone can help me out or point me in the right direction :pray: Meanwhile I have cleared up my storage

The same happened to me. I was meeting yesterday between 23:00 and 00:00 on the link
Really hope someone can help me out or point me in the right direction :pray: Meanwhile I have cleared up my storage

Welcome to the forum.

No need to post the same comment multiple times. If you’ve cleared your storage, all you can do now is wait and keep your fingers crossed. You may get a link that confirms your recording could not be moved to your Dropbox account and then grants you an opportunity to download it. But again, this is not at all guaranteed.

Hello, I did not receive any link. is there another way?? this is a very important meeting for me

If it hasn’t showed up by now, sorry, I don’t think it exists. Unfortunately, like I advised, when there’s insufficient storage in Dropbox, getting the recording even when storage is later made available, is not guaranteed.

I have already contacted the community of jitsi and they told me that the record did not appear in its server. it is a problem of
I need to recover this meeting please

Same problem here. I just made an interview of around an hour and I didn’t receive the video on Dropbox. I had some space when I started and I thought it was going to be enough, but it took me longer. I have the link, please I need to recover this… If someone can help me that would be amazing. I give you the link of the meeting: Jitsi Meet
Thank you!

Try clearing space in your Dropbox and then wait. Sometimes, the recording shows up once storage space has been made available in Dropbox. Note that this is not guaranteed though, so keep your fingers crossed.

Hi Freddie… Thanks a lot! I just did that and now I’m updating my dropbox account because maybe it has something to do with that too… As you said, fingers crossed :’)

Hi I am having the same issue and do not see a recording in dropbox. I purchased more storage and it still does not show up.