Recording does not appear in Dropbox

Hello ploy, as another user suggested further up, check in your Dropbox app on your phone.


I recorded a meeting but I can’t find the file in my Dropbox. I do think it might be because of lack of space. Is it possible for you to access the recording and send it to me?
Here is the URL of the meeting:

Many thanks!

I’ve just had the same issue. The call /CollectiveSensingCall at around 6pm (Indian Standard Time) 13 May 2020. I have plenty of room in my dropbox and have looked where 2 previous calls showed up there without issue. I don’t understand why this one hasn’t gone through as the others did. Kindly advise.

Hola, tengo el mismo problema… Comencé una videollamada hoy alrededor de las 15.30 que duro aproximadamente media hora. Grabó en todo momento, pero cuando entro a Dropbox, la grabación no aparece… ¿Hay forma de recuperarla?
¿Puedo enviar el nombre de la sala por privado?
Desde ya, muchas gracias!

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Hola! Quisiera saber si hay forma de que al realizar una grabación se pueda visualizar a todas las personas y no sólo que se enfoque al que esté hablando.
Realice algunas grabaciones y a pesar de poder ver a todos en la videollamada, al grabarse la misma sólo enfoca a quién habla.
Por otro lado, hoy hice una grabación de aproximandamente 30 minutos, y la misma no aparece en mi cuenta de Dropbox, a pesar de tener suficiente espacio… ¿Hay forma de recuperarla? Si quieren puedo enviarles el link de la videollamada por privado.
¡Muchísimas gracias!

Hello / Olá / Hola (etc)
Today is my first day with Jitsi, promising. In what regards Dropbox, I’ve been using it for more than a decade now. I use a Windows PC.
I MAY HAVE FOUND THE PROBLEM! (not to covid-19, unfortunately)
I think Windows doesn’t “like”/accept the type of filenames Jitsi used to save the recordings! They’re not “standard” for Win!
I’ve renamed (on Dropbox cloud) 1 file and seconds after it was visible on the PC!
POSSIBLE SOLUTION (if nobody finds another): on the cloud rename your recording files. I suggest (just in case) using ASCII and no spaces or accents, symbols, etc! I think you MUST remove the “:” in the hours.

BUT because of Dropbox selective syncing, I should also ensure syncing that folder locally to the PC Dropbox folder!


Hola Andrea
¿Queréis probar la solución que propuse en la entrada de foro después de tu cuestión?
Un saludo,

Hola Andrea
¿Queréis probar la solución que propuse en la entrada de foro después de tu cuestión?
Un saludo,

Same problem here. Can’t find the recording in my dropbox, although my dropbox has full space.

Have you checked if you have recordings on cloud (on the web, not locally on the computer), or even in the Dropbox client if there are files saved there under Dropbox\Apps\Jitsi Meet\Recordings ? If they are so, this can help.
I just found out yesterday by myself, on my first day with Jitsi, that Dropbox doesn’t download to Windows files that contain colon “:” in the name, and likely it’s a Windows thing. If so, you can try removing the colon in the time part of the name of a recording and see if you can now see the file.

I have the same issue. The recording is not in my Dropbox. I made a short test-recording afterwards and it worked. The meeting is

I am facing the same issue. My jitsi room link is Please help!


I face a similar issue as other users. I just made a recording but it does not show in dropbox. I just tried it again (for only a couple of seconds) and that seems to work fine (the files shows up in the folder ‘Recording’). Both on my desktop and within the browser, the recording of my webinar is missing. Is there any way to get the recording of my earlier webinar? The link was: Thanks in advance for any help!

Manuel, You’re right! I can see the recording on my Drobox cloud. I just don’t know how to rename ita on the cloud tyo download it to the device.

Solevin, you’re right as well, seems Dropbox is not so straightforward. BUT (on Windows) it is quite simple: click on the filename and it should allow changing it. (on WIndows if you have the dropbox client/software installed), follow my steps.step1

Ah! Help! I record a podcast each week using Jitsi - this week we had a guest on and it’s a really important episode (for us). For some reason this week the podcast did not save to dropbox. We started recording at 19hr (UK time). I can give the chatroom details if necessary. I really don’t want to let my fellow podcast participants down :frowning:


Just had to record a wedding via test runs where fine but now the actual wedding is no where to be found.

:cold_sweat: :cold_sweat: :cold_sweat: :cold_sweat: :cold_sweat:

my recording was in the Apps folder

Hello, thanks for taking the time to report this. I’ve tagged and re-categorized this thread.

I can not help you with this issue but this may provide some explanation and help others, perhaps improve the situation :

Mee too.

I participated in a interview but video was not saved in my Dropbox account.
Yesterday, 4 July 19h~20:30 (Brasil gmt -3)

The channel was

Please, says that you can help.