Recording does not appear in Dropbox

When you initiated recording, you would have seen a pop-up box like this:


See where it says “Save recording file locally (Beta)”? That’s the only option available for saving recording on at the moment. When you click “Start Recording”, it captures the recording of the meeting locally (on your computer) and after you elect to end recording, you will get the recorded video to download. This is how it’s working right now, there is no Dropbox integration available on the free

So can find back my record ?
I didn’t have no specific message
It starts the recording and end normally…
I tried it 10days ago and it was okay in Dropbox …

Not sure of the exact date, but this exclusion to Local Recording happened recently.

You’re saying you didn’t see that dialog box?

Unfortunately, if you didn’t stop recording properly, there’s no way of retrieving the recording. It’s on your computer, not on a server Jitsi manages. Sorry. :slightly_frowning_face:

no there were no diolog box!

So when you clicked “Start Recording”, you didn’t get anything? Did you get a prompt to sign into Dropbox?

I clicked start recording and I have a message “preparing recording” then “REC” then i stopped it was ok at this time i though

Well, clearly you didn’t sign into Dropbox, so you can rule that out.
You should have gotten the pop-up box I shared earlier when you initiated recording. There’s always a pop-up box on when you initiate a recording. Perhaps you missed something? Unfortunately, at this time, I don’t think anyone can help you get a recording file (certainly not from the Jitsi team).

i try several time after to see if i did something wrong there only have bublle with the message peparing recording tehn recording the REC in red during and then end of recording.
No pop pup…

Can you check your Downloads folder on the computer? Do you see any recordings there?

I just checked noting there…

If you did you see a popup asking you to select your tab or to log into dropbox, then the only possibility I can think of is that you also selected the “Record only my audio and video stream”.


If that was indeed selected, it would have started recording immediately but only your own video and audio (not the whole meeting with other participants).

If you did stop the recording before leaving the room, you would end up with a downloaded video of the recording.

Alas, if you leave the meeting without first stopping the recording, then it is lost :frowning: . This is not ideal, of course – it’s been discussed briefly in this thread. I’m sure a solution will come about some day to deal with this.

Which Safari version is that? You should not see the recording button there, local recording is not available on Safari due to browser limitations.

@FELICIE can you show the button you see?

These is my buttons in Safari, no recording:

I can’t write you as much as I need, I had to wait 19 hours before answering sorry.

i tried on my PC, firefox it is exactly the same menu and proceed…
recording is starting (commencer l’enregistrement)/ then the pop up wich is not the same as yours to confirme the willing to record/ then the voice+bubble who said start of the recording/ then REC on top near timing/ then i end the recording, the voice+bubble again (end of recording) “end of the recording” = no recording saves nowhere…

i know you are doing your best but it is an interview of a really important person for a book. if i can’t find a really good reason or the video i ganna get fired…

Version 16.0 (17614., 17614) safari

Can you try using Chrome on your PC?

it is working with CHROME but I can’t do an other interview… I need to find the other one :face_holding_back_tears:

I’m not sure of the chances of finding that particular recording because if you used Safari, recording wouldn’t (shouldn’t) have been possible at all because of browser limitations as damencho mentioned. So, it may be that you had a fluke instance where the notifications in fact came on, but the recording didn’t actually happen because the browser is not compatible.

:(:(:frowning: hooo ok i understand … thank you for your help

Sorry I couldn’t offer better news. Local Recording is new so it’s going to take a bit of getting-used-to (and likely, some fine-tuning on the back-end). Please use Chrome going forward and pay attention to all the notifications that pop up when you initiate recording.