Recording does not appear in Dropbox

No… there should be a recording of a conversation of about an hour. But the map created is still empty.

What do you mean by ‘the map’?

Hello everyone,

same problem here: I tried a recording, connected to my dropbox. A folder Dropbox\Apps\Jitsi Meet\Recordings was created, but it is empty.
It was a “test session”, there is no need to retrieve this particular recording. But I would love to understand how it works before I start the real session tomorrow :slight_smile:

If there is a tutorial that answers my questions / gives an introduction to recording, pls let me know. I’ve only found tutorials on recording into youtube, but I’d prefer the dropbox version.

Thanks in advance - great to have Jitsi :v: :+1: :+1: :+1:

Hi there,

apologies in advance for being a total n00b but the same issue here: did a trial for a meeting yesterday and it recorded just fine. However, today I started a recording of an approximately 2-hour meeting at but 30 minutes after concluding it the file still hasn’t appeared on my Dropbox.

For background information: I did have a few connection drops and needed to switch my laptop but I checked the recording settings and it was on all the time. Is there any way for me to access the file? Since this is work-related I would not like the file to go entirely missing…

Thanks in advance for any replies.

Have you checked whether your dropbox is full, does it have enough space to hold the recording?


many thanks for a quick reply! According to my initial assessments I should have had enough space but since the meeting took longer than initially anticipated the file might have become too big indeed. Is there any way to check the size of the file before it gets uploaded to Dropbox?

Also, after posting here yesterday I also started a trial of Dropbox Business so I should have enough space by now in any case. But I really do not know whether there is any way to prompt another Dropbox upload attempt manually…

Excuse me, I was doing my thesis result seminar an hour ago. I got problem in recording the conference featuring all lecturers. when it had finished, I didnt find the recording of conference in my dropbox. Could I still get the video of conference? How is the way? The video is very important for my graduation.Thanks in advance for everyone helps me. @damencho

What was the url of the call? You can DM it to me if you want.

I have the same situation that I do not find the file in dropbox, although I recorded.

Here is the link from the meeting:

Thank you in advance

I got the exact problem as the guys before… the meeting started at 14:00 (I started recording up to 10 minutes later).

I can send you the direct link from… if nessesary.

The recording is a bit important, because the backup record failed as well.
It would be awesome if you can look for it.

Oha! I got the recording recently :star_struck: :star_struck:

The record is still not in my Dropbox directory on my Pc. I also couldn’t find it via browser…

But i could access the directory with my mobile-App and send me an direct link. There was no possibility to add it with this link to my Dropbox.

But anyway it worked :partying_face:

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Hi, I am in the same situation as many of the people here. I recorded the meeting but I can’t find the file in my Dropbox. I do think it might be because of lack of space. Is it possible for you to access the recording and send it to me? Shall I DM you the URL?

Many thanks!

I have the same problem. I recorded a meeting on Monday but I still can´t find the file on my dropbox. I look for my free space in dropbox before i start recording and i look that i have 1,2 GB less than before, so, something is using the space, but i can´t see it. Anybody can help me.

This is the direct access.

Thanks in advance.

Hello, I’ve also had the same problem with the recording not appearing in the dropbox folder. The link:

the recording date is: 13.April at 1pm EST,
The length: 30-40 minutes.
Thank you so much… this platform has been a great help to me these past few weeks…:slight_smile:

I had the same issue. Can’t find the recordings on my Windows Dropbox but it is there on my phone’s Dropbox.

Anyone has a solution to enable accessing it on Windows?

I installed Jitsi Meet and Jibri on two seperate VPS and configured both to record meetings on Jibri as well as on Dropbox.

I configured an “app” on dropbox with an apropiate key to make Jitsi Meet posible to upload my recordings. Clicking the Dropbox button while in a room of Jitsi Meet results in recognising my Dropbox-key and even displaying the free space on Dropbox. So far so well …

When recording on Jibri, this results in only een few seconds (about 1 MB file) of image and sound. I can’nt figure out how to fix that problem and have tried several solutions.

But what is more strange, is that trying to record on Dropbox results in a file on Jibri, not in Dropbox, and also just with only a few seconds recording time.

In the Jitsi Meet room everthing looks like all is OK, There’s no warning. Even the messages “recording is on” and “recording has stopped” seem to indicate that all’s right.

Has some-one had the same experiance? And how did you than solve the problem(s)?

i have same issue
I think we should also install this script

but the documentation is missing and I still haven’t figured out how to do it.

Hi! Same issue here:

I just got the sameexperience. However it seems that the recording is sent to Dropbox in the cloud and you have to transfer it from the cloud to the local disk. I just did it. it seems to be a dropbox behavior to put everything in the cloud. After pransfering locally i just deleted the copy in the cloud.

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Same issue with me. I had a class with my students and I recorded the whole session for those who were absent. Now my Dropbox is empty and I have enough space in it.