Recording does not appear in Dropbox


Just had a conference call and we recorded it to dropbox.
After the call, it created a map in dropbox, but the recording did not appear.
How do i get the recording back?

(I’m not familiair with all the coding stuff i see in the forums so i hope someone can give me a step by step instruction)

Was that on If so would you share the meeting URL and approximate time of the meeting so we can investigate. You can also send it personally if you do not want to reveal it publicly. Thank you.

Thank you for your quick reply. Yes it was on

It started around 16:00 (European time) telecolaboracionlindequincy

Took a look and both recordings (look like there were 2 short ones) uploaded to dropbox as far as we can tell. Do you still not see them? They should be in a /Recordings/telecolaboracionlindequincy directory.

No… there should be a recording of a conversation of about an hour. But the map created is still empty.

What do you mean by ‘the map’?