Recording does nor work (busy)

I have used the function “recording” until last week. Now I receive the message “all recordings are busy”.

Is this on or on a personal server?

My problem is on


This happens when there’s a lot of traffic in the specific region and all the recorders are being used. Try again another time.

What region are you in, btw?

Country: Brazil
State: Paraná
City: Curitiba

En Argentina, provincia de Buenos Aires, localidad Bahía Blanca pasa lo mismo desde la semana pasada. Y lo uso todas las semanas en distintos horarios y nunca había pasado. Ahora lo hace todos los días y en cualquier horario; tanto desde la pc como del celular.

En Buenos Aires pasa lo mismo desde hace más de una semana. Hoy no pude grabar tampoco. Algún consejo por favor. Gracias.

I would recommend to keep the language as the topic was started.

On the side of things well, I’m not aware that there is some kind of available infrastructure guarantee or availability.

Some third-party projects may dump big loads on, maybe you are hitting the same schedule than they are.

The only way I think you’ll have a dedicated jibri is when you host your own instance.
That way you can control the frequency, usage and availability.