Recording didn't show in Dropbox

Had a quality conference and files didn’t show in my dropbox. It was recording all the time.
Did not have any issues or notifications during the call.
Are the recordings LOST?
Can they be recovered?

I think I’ve heard that people have had issues with Dropbox when there were spaces in the filename, did you have any?

Hi bbaldino.
Yes, I had spaces when naming the meeting room.:confused:
Early warning system would be nice.

I agree…Will ask the frontend team about this.

Thank you. So does that mean that recording itself went out somewhere in space or it did not record at all - just to get understanding what happened. That is if you have any idea. Thank you.

I don’t remember the specifics of the dropbox flow, but I think what likely happened was that it was recorded, we attempt the upload to dropbox which failed, and then we clean up–which includes deleting the recorded file.

Oh well…But there is local dropbox folder on the machine, which syncs with a dropbox servers, correct? thus makes me wonder - cant the recording be placed/saved onto local folder and synced.

No, we don’t use a folder to sync the recording we use an API to push the file directly.

Ok. Thank you for your time bbaldino. Hopefully it will get more reliable soon - it just, how do you tell your team after a session that all that work and ideas shared are gone with a wind. :slight_smile:
I will run additional recording software next time, but that kinda pushes to look for some other alternatives.

Completely understand. We’ve found the source of the bug here…our uploader script had an issue handling special characters. Can you let me know the URL of your call?

Thank you. This was the link we used
Now it shows percent symbol, but those originally were spaces

Hello, thanks for taking the time to report this. I’ve tagged and re-categorized this thread.

I can not help you with this issue but this may provide some explanation and help others, perhaps improve the situation :


I have the same problem
with my Jitsi meeting

I’m waiting and checking my Dropbox since Sunday and nothing…

Please help!