Recording button (for local recording) doesn´t show up anymore

Since the end of the saving on dropbox there is the possibility to record the meeting locally. It worked once. It is actually much better than before (you now can determine, what you want to record: only the meeting, the complete browser or the complete screen…): That´s great!
But now I don´t find the button anymore. Do I have to install another program now (I read something about libri)? But how then did it work at the first time?
Thanks for any help.

Hi. Is this on

Local recording should still be available there. What browser are you using? The button only shows up on compatible browser.

I don’t think that’s the case. You do see that dialog because of how it has to be implemented, if you choose anything other than the current tab the recording will fail. This experience will hopefully improve over time as browsers provide more support for getting video streams of just the current site.

I’m using Mozilla Firefox

The last time you saw it working, were you using a different browser?

I believe local recording only works in Chrome and other Chromium based browsers. It does not work on Firefox or Safari.

Local recordings don’t work in Firefox because it doesn’t allow sharing a tab.

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