Recording Audio with Jitsi

Request: I want to retrieve the audio record value or download the audio file to use at a value for my custom BACK-END APIs.

- I have enabled the localRecording object in config.js file and add “localrecording” in TOOLBAR_BUTTONS array from interface_config.js.

Problem: - There are no local recording option in room UI .
- I have tried to changed the server to and luckily there are recording option but I didn’t get the audio record file after I ended the call.
- I dont know how to get audio record as a javascript value (AudioTrack or sth).

Thanks for reading my Questions . Sry for my broken english and lack knowledge about this. Pls help me out.

You’re saying even though you’ve enabled localrecording and activated it in the toolbar buttons list, it’s still not showing up?

Have you installed and configured Jibri?

Thanks for the reply,

Yes, i don’t know why. I followed an instruction in our forum’s topics but It is no use. :frowning: Maybe bacause the version ,
I use node v14.15.1 though.

I have read about Jibri but I didn’t know much , I thought it is optional. Thanks , i am gonna do some research about it.